Top 5 Learn Spanish CD Courses

Top 1: Tell Me More Spanish

Tell Me More SpanishTell Me More has almost complete set of learning tools. Somebody called Tell Me More Spanish a ‘‘Rolls Royce of Spanish Courses’’ mainly thanks to the impressive array of its features.

Tell Me More has everything you could dream about in the Spanish course: from speech recognition software to audio lessons and interactive role plays. You can learn all aspects of Spanish: reading, writing, vocabulary building and listening. All parts of this software are well integrated that make Spanish learning seamless and easy.

It has additional free online membership to receive weekly lessons and updates. The stand out feature of Tell Me More Spanish is different learning modes. Depending on your preferences, you can decide to create a personal lesson plan or allow the software to create a lesson plan for you according to your progress. Tell Me More is comprehensive and powerful Spanish learning CD course form beginner up to advanced level. It has been voted the best Spanish program by many language experts.

Tell Me More Spanish Live Demo How It WorksTop 2: Rocket Spanish

Rocket learn Spanish CD course is designed to teach you real life conversational Latin American Spanish. Interactive audio lessons encourage students to start speaking in Spanish right from the lesson one. Audio lessons are further reinforced with software that teaches Spanish vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar.This multilevel approach is a key to teach Spanish in the easiest and fastest possible way. Rocket Spanish comes also with Spanish flash cards game, culture lessons and lifetime online membership.

Rocket Spanish strength is its focus on teaching practical everyday conversational Spanish instead of academic Spanish. Rocket Spanish comes as CD or as an instant download and you can use the programs on any computer operating system, either Windows or Mac. Click Here for Free Rocket Spanish Lessons>>

Top 3: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Spanish Latin American 1-5 levelsVery popular learn Spanish on CD software that unfortunately comes with a high price tag. It is excellent course if you are looking for easy, fun and entertaining learning. The core concept behind Rosetta Stone Spanish is to make Spanish learning entertaining. It has visually attractive interface and learning feels like a game rather than a lesson. The core principle of the teaching method is immersion and matching pictures with corresponding Spanish words or phrases.

The biggest drawback of the program, apart from its high price is that it somehow misses teaching real Spanish conversations. Rosetta Stone works much better for building Spanish vocabulary, rather than for teaching conversation skills. Also, lack of explanations in English limits full comprehension of the Spanish grammar.

Many Rosetta Stone customers note that apparent easiness of learning gives impression that you have learned a lot, while in fact, when faced with real life situations you might realize that you are not equipped so well to make a meaningful conversation. For those who like to build their Spanish vocabulary in entertaining way and have no particular ambitions to become a fluent Spanish speaker, Rosetta Stone still might be the right choice.

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Top 4: Fluenz Spanish

Fluenz SpanishThis is a relative newcomer into learn Spanish market. Fluenz learning Spanish CD and DVD software is designed to provide a personal tutor that guides student through the course, beginning each lesson with introduction, followed by explanations in English and finishing with conclusions.

Fluenz Spanish lessons are well designed and integrated. This course presents learning material in various ways – through exercises, videos and dialogues. In addition to stylish digital personal tutor lessons, Fluenz Spanish has voice recognition software.

The Fluenz drawback is lack of additional internet resources and relatively high price. Also, the course is designed only to beginner to low intermediate levels.

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Top 5: Learn Spanish Like Crazy

Learn Spanish Like CrazyThis is somehow less known Spanish CD course, yet is delivers good results. Learn Spanish Like Crazy is audio course that comes with translation and extensive explanations in English. You will develop listening comprehension and conversation skills, as well as learn Spanish verbs and conjugation.

The core idea of this learn Spanish CD course is that adults learners need explanation in their native language to comprehend and memorize better. This is radically different approach form Rosetta Stone where learning is based on visually matching pictures with sounds through absorption of the language. Rosetta’s argument is that immersion in language is how small children learn. Yet, Learn Spanish Like Crazy developers argue that adult brain memorizes differently from the children’s and that adults require explanation in English.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy also comes with full set of once famous FSI course (Foreign Service Institute Programmatic Spanish). This course was developed to train diplomats and FBI staff to teach Spanish as fast as possible through repetitive memorization. Click Here to Go to the Official Learn Spanish Like Crazy Site >>

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