Berlitz Spanish Premier Review

Berlitz Spanish Premier Review – How It Works

from Nova Development

Berlitz Spanish PremierBerlitz is a well known name in the language training world and is one of the world leaders in personal language tutoring. Berlitz Spanish Premier is Spanish language software created by the company Nova Development. This program applies the basic principles of Berlitz method:

  • Multiple learning tools to learn all aspects of Spanish: conversation, reading and listening comprehension; writing and grammar
  • Teaches Spanish in a context of real-life situations
  • Extra focus on grammar and vocabulary building
  • All instructions in English

Berlitz Spanish Premier – Does it Work? This program will help you to build fundamental understanding of Spanish and teach you the core vocabulary. You will be left on your own in terms of which tools to use because this program lacks lesson plan to follow. Less focus on teaching conversational skills, but still useful program for building your Spanish basics.

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Pros+ Cons -
  • If you like learning with Spanish flash cards, then Berlitz Spanish offers great opportunity: type the word in English or Spanish, match the picture and build your own vocabulary list.
  • Good speech analysis system. You can record, play back and compare your Spanish pronunciation with the native speaker.
  • Many Spanish learning tools that allows finding the most suitable option for you: flash cards, video, audio, games.
  • Customize your learning according to your needs. If you want to learn travel Spanish, you may choose to concentrate on this area.
  • Low price – for less than 40 usd you can get a fairly good beginner- to intermediate Spanish course.
•    The phrases and expressions you learn sometimes may be little too formal and may not reflect a real-life conversation.
•    Confusing. Too many options and learning paths, little overwhelming in terms of where to begin and how best to use your time.
•    No progress tracking feature.
•    Not intuitive. You need to read a manual or watch a tutorial video before starting to use the course; otherwise the program may seem too confusing.
•    Limited Spanish vocabulary and some missing key words in iPod feature.
•    Lacks additional online resources.
•    No program demos or free lessons.

Berlitz Spanish Premier – The Bottom Line

Many other programs have simplified the learning process, while Berlitz Spanish course offers a myriad of tools. Berlitz strongest features are Spanish flash cards and voice recording tool. Some people do not like to be told what to do, so if you prefer to choose by yourself which learning tool is best for you, then Berlitz is a good option.

Berlitz is probably not the best course if you want to start converse in Spanish fast, but it is a good program to build fundamentals such as Spanish vocabulary and grammar structure.

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Berlitz Premier Spanish (CD) – What You Get

  • Suitable from beginner Spanish up to intermediate level. Learn Spanish vocabulary, speaking, writing and listening comprehension.
  • Wide variety of topics covered from greetings to dining, traveling and survival phrases. Advance to express your ideas and opinions.
  • Contains Berlitz Spanish Premier Flash Cards for learning more than 1000 vocabulary words and phrases. Match picture with a word in Spanish and see its translation in English.
  • Build you personalized Spanish vocabulary list.
  • Watch and hear videos of native Spanish speakers in real-life situations. Slow down the dialogues for better understanding.
  • Speech recognition feature. Click on the word to hear correct Spanish pronunciation.
  • Complete course in 4 Spanish audio CDs for listening in car, on iPod and mp3.
  • iPod exercises with audio and pictures. Test your proficiency with word lists that match the software.
  • Interactive games – from puzzles to plug-in-games to help with Spanish reading comprehension.

The Company

Founded over 130 years ago, Berlitz is now the world’s largest provider of language training and cultural consulting services, with more than 460 locations in 63 countries and more than 60 locations in the United States. The company’s origins date back to 1878 when language tutor Maximilian D. Berlitz developed a new method of teaching people. His approach, which he developed into the Berlitz Method, became a global success.

Today the Berlitz Method is distributed by the Nova Development Company, a developer and publisher of consumer software products for Windows and Macintosh platforms. As part of the Avanquest Group, Nova is among the largest publishers in the United States of software products to consumers and small businesses.

System requirements

Windows: Window® XP, Vista® or 7; 256 MB RAM; DVD Drive; Sound card and speakers
Macintosh: OS X 10.4 or Later; 256 MB RAM; DVD Drive
Optional Devices: Microphone for recording; iPod for iPod exercises

Berlitz Spanish User Comments

Good program
Overall this is a good program and seems very effective. ~ Actual user comments from, September 2007
Many ways to learn
My favorite part about the program is that there is 3 ways to learn Spanish – on your PC, on your MP3 player, or in your car. How convenient! ~ Actual user comments from, November 2009
Great for listening
I love that you can listen to what sounds like native Spanish speakers, and then slow the speech down too, so you can hear it syllable by syllable. ~ Actual user comments from
Great resource to learn Spanish
…. Lessons cover the basics of learning a language, but was hoping for more. Overall, Berlitz Spanish Premier is a great resource to learn the basics of a foreign language.~ Actual user comments from, September 2009
Good program
The audio portions are quite clear and understandable. This program would work for anyone from someone with no knowledge of Spanish to someone who just wanted to brush up on specific skills. ~ Actual user comment form
Confusing, suitable only for brushing-up your Spanish
..this product is scattershot and poorly put together. …it might help to  brush-up on first year Spanish, but if you’re looking for a quick course so you don’t feel lost when you step off the plane, there are many options that are much better.~ Actual user comments from, August 2007
Difficult to navigate
I found difficult to navigate through the course in a systematic way. ~ Actual user comments from
Disappointed with this product
… much of the program is not intuitive. The details are not worked out well. ~ Actual user comment form, January 2007

Where to Buy Berlitz Spanish Premier?

You may buy Berlitz Spanish Premier at the official Berlitz site or from Price-wise the best place is Amazon as it offers the product at discount and you may apply for the Free Super Saver Shipping.

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Older Version of Berlitz Spanish

→ Berlitz Spanish Premier (For Windows 98. 200/Me/XP, Mac OS X)

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