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Fluenz Spanish Review – How It Works

Fluenz SpanishThe objective of the Fluenz Spanish program is to teach Spanish as fast and easy as possible in real life situations (ex. “the cup of coffee, please”) rather than descriptive sentences (ex. “the boy walks”).

Fluenz claims that it wants to transform the way we learn a language. The program is based on thousands of years old idea that personal tutoring is a key for learning a foreign language. To deliver this experience, Fluenz employs the newest technology. The software brings virtual tutors that guide through each of the 2.5 hours long sessions.

Another keystone idea is that adults and children learn languages differently. According to Fluenz, children absorb the language like a sponge without thinking how it works, while adults need explanations in their native language of what they’re learning and how language is structured. That is why Fluenz gives explanations and translations in English.

Each of Fluenz sessions follows the same structure: introduction, conversation, tutorial, workouts, and conclusion, as tutor provides guidance and is present all time. Fluenz teaches the most important 500 words and understanding of the core grammatical structures.
Fluenz is good alternative to Rosetta Stone, especially for those who like idea about somebody guiding them through the program and for those who need more explanation about grammar and translations in English.

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Pros+ Cons -
  • Easy to use, intuitive navigation.
  • Real life and practical conversational topics. Teaches the most relevant words first.
  • Good for travel Spanish. Sessions are divided according to situations, like ordering a meal or asking for or giving directions.
  • For those who like clear-cut explanations of grammar and translation in English, Fluenz is a perfect match.
  • Provides personal learning experience with virtual tutor present at all times.
  • Well-designed and integrated sessions that repeats the same expressions in different ways: videos, exercises, dialogues.
  • Speech recognition software to compare your pronunciation with the native speaker. Record your Spanish phrases and insert in conversation.
  • Modern design.
  • Expensive.
  • Suitable only for beginner Spanish and lower intermediate levels.
  • You need to speak English at least on the average level in order to follow explanations.
  • Smaller vocabulary compared to other programs. However, producers of Fluenz argue that you will learn the most relevant words for conversational Spanish.
  • Lack of additional Internet resources and users forum.

Fluenz Spanish – The Bottom Line

Fluenz is well designed contemporary program that gives your Spanish learning smooth and easy touch. Focus on Spanish conversation is a big plus compared to other programs. We liked the idea of combining grammar explanation with practical conversational Spanish.
Often compared to Rosetta Stone, Fluenz is different. Rosetta Stone uses intuitive approach giving little explanation in English while Fluenz believes that adult learners need translation and explanations of structure of Spanish language in English.

Each of us prefer different approach when it comes to learning a language. Some may not like idea of real-life tutor giving explanations, but prefer Spanish flash cards or setting their own system instead.

Note, that Fluenz will teach you beginner to lower medium level Spanish. If your objective is to become fluent in Spanish, you will need to consider other supplementary programs for your future learning.

Fluenz Spanish strengths are:

  • Tutored lessons
  • Focus on teaching Spanish spoken in real life conversations
  • Contemporary designed software

To sum it up, if you want to focus on conversational Spanish and want to learn basic Spanish quickly, but don’t mind paying the high price, then Fluenz Spanish is for you.

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Fluenz Spanish – How Each Lesson is Designed

Each session opens with an introduction by the tutor. This is followed by a realistic Spanish conversation containing all the words and structures that will be learned in that session.
Immediately after the conversation, the teacher presents a full tutorial explaining in detail and in English how every single element works.

After the tutorial, the session shifts to interactive workouts that grow increasingly challenging and that progressively combine skill-building in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

After the workouts, the tutor comes back to offer a conclusion, anchoring the session within the overall arch of learning.

Fluenz Spanish – What You Get  

  • Learn Spanish vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking
  • Voice recording tool that allows you to compare your Spanish pronunciation with a native speaker
  • Learn to speak Spanish in a real life situation
  • Translations and tutorials in English
  • 5 DVD-ROMs with the Fluenz Spanish software.
  • 5 CD-ROMs with audio exercises that can be played on a stereo, in your car, or copied to an iPod or other MP3 player. These audio exercises supplement DVD-ROM sessions.
  • Fluenz Navigator booklet that contains key survival words and phrases.
  • Fluenz brochure, instructions and user’s guide.

Fluenz Spanish – All Available Options

Fluenz Spanish (Latin America):

Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+ 2 + 3 + 4 + 5
→ Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+ 2 + 3
→ Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 3 + 4 + 5
→ Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+ 2
→ Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 2

Fluenz Spanish (Spain):

Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1 + 2 + 3
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1
→ Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 3 + 4 + 5
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1 + 2
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 2

Fluenz – The Company

Fluenz is new company, based in Miami, US. It has production office in Latin America and staff members in China and Canada. Fluenz currently offer language programs for learning Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and French.

Computer System Requirements

G4 / Intel Macs with OS X 10.3 or above, including Leopard and Snow Leopard (Mac).
Pentium 4 or higher with Windows XP / Vista / 7 (Windows)
DVD-ROM drive, 1 GB of RAM, 1 GHz processor speed, Resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher, Video card, 16 bit sound card.

If you want to take full advantage of the Fluenz recording engine, your computer must have a microphone. All Fluenz applications support both standard and USB microphones. They also support most internal microphones on laptops, but can’t guarantee that all types will be compatible.

Fluenz Spanish Screenshots

Fluenz Spanish screenshots

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Fluenz Spanish – Customer Comments

Engaging program
Great lessons. very engaging with fun exercises. ~ Actual user comments from epinions.com
This method works
I don’t regret buying it at all.. I find it easy to absorb and more importantly RETAIN the lessons I learned since I began their Spanish program. ~ Actual user comments from amazon.com
Terrific product
This is a terrific product. It is like having your own personal tutor. It is low stress and enjoyable.The strength of the program is based on developing grammar and conversational Spanish.  ~ Actual user comments from amazon.com, Pablo
Perfect blend
There is the perfect blend of listening, speaking, writing & reading to keep it interesting and meet various learning styles.  ~ Actual user comments from amazon.com
Great investment into my education
Fluenz software has been one of my better investments towards my continuing education. I love the structure and the useful dialogue.~ Actual user comments from amazon.com, Kevin
Impressed with my progress
I feel like I am actually learning stuff. The lessons so far have been very practical. …. I really like the program and the format as well… having a tutor break everything down and explain what everything means is extremely helpful. ~ Actual user review from amazon.com, April 2008
Over priced
I feel this product is WAY over priced. I feel the high price is attributed to all the special effects.. ~ Actual user comment from amazon.com
Many usability flaws
There is no way to run this on just a portion of your computer screen. Also, you MUST have the DVD loaded in your DVD drive to run the software. Not a deal killer but very inconvenient. ~ Actual user reviews from amazon.com, September 2008
More Show than Go
I would rate this program as average. A few of the conversations used as the basis for the lessons at times seem like random thoughts just thrown out, ….the audio tracks from the CD are too short and not worthwhile.
..while you’ll learn some useful vocabulary with Fluenz, you might end up feeling like you didn’t really get your money’s worth.~ Actual user reviews from amazon.com, May 2

Where To Buy Fluenz Spanish

The best two places to buy Fluenz Spanish is at the official Fluenz website or at Amazon.com. Both options provide 30 day money back guarantee and all support. Also, both sites offer free shipping option. However, in time of this publication, Fluenz Spanish prices at Amazon website were lower on average by 20 USD per program compared to prices in the official Fluenz Spanish site.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to take a full advantage of this Spanish course. If you follow Fluenz Spanish consistently, you will be able to converse in Spanish in just few short weeks.

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Fluenz Spanish

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